Design Workbook Prepares You For Interviews With Notes From Apple, Google, IDEO

By Mikelle Leow, 14 Feb 2018

Image provided by Solving Product Design Exercises

Being a designer, of course, isn’t a theoretical process. It takes thorough real-world practice and is an unending learning journey.

Creatives are fortunate to have access to communities like Dribbble, where they can show their work and draw inspiration from other likeminded designers. However, Artiom Dashinsky—a former senior designer at WeWork—believes such platforms only advocate the visual aspect of design, and not much more.

Design, after all, isn’t just art—so Dashinky has written a book to help UX designers, developers, and product designers, prepare for job interviews.

“Designers are increasingly involved in business decisions and getting a seat at the table,” he said in a press release. “Top businesses like Facebook, Google and Amazon already require designers to be able to produce viable business solutions and not just produce aesthetically appealing visuals.”

In his new book Solving Product Design Exercises, Dashinky leads creatives through the hiring process of digital product managers from tech firms, as well as exercises that teach them how to prepare for whiteboarding sessions or take-home tests. The book also offers insights from design leads at Apple, Google, Pinterest, IDEO, and more.



Above all, Solving Product Design Exercises trains designers to come up with better business solutions and execute them during interviews.

“I believe there are not enough tools for designers to practice their skills beyond aesthetics,” said Dashinky. “Design school doesn’t teach a business mindset, top businesses are not transparent enough about what product designers in their companies do and the saturated market of visual-centric communities tricks designers to think that Dribbble equals product design, which isn’t true.”

“So, in my book, I wanted to help designers to practice appropriate skills that will help them to get hired and grow in their career… [I’m convinced this will] enable us to build better products and, hopefully, solve the most urgent problems the world is facing today, making it more sustainable, healthy and equal.”

Solving Product Design Exercises is now available for purchase in paperback form on at US$39.99 via Amazon, as well as in eBook format at US$24.99.

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Image provided by Solving Product Design Exercises

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