Adobe Releases Lightroom Classic 7.2 With Improved Performance & New Features

By Izza Sofia, 15 Feb 2018

Adobe has released its Lightroom Classic 7.2 update to improve performance in batch processing.

“One key attribute of the enhancements is that they scale appropriately with a customer’s investment in hardware,” Adobe writes.

“A common complaint in the past was that a large investment in a new system did not provide equivalent improvements in Lightroom performance. Lightroom 7.2 is an important step forward in addressing that issue, particularly for computers with at least 12 GB of memory.”

Some users had experienced problems with Lightroom Classic slowing down over time, an issue Adobe says it has fixed “in most cases.” Users will see improvements in the speeds of import grid loading, walking though images in the ‘Loupe View’, import and preview generation, rendering adjustments in ‘Develop’, merge operations of HDR/Panos, and export.

Lightroom Classic 7.2 also comes with multiple new features, including a text search for finding a specific folder (‘Folder Search’), the ability to filter favorites within folders, an option for creating collection sets from folders for use with Lightroom mobile, as well as a feature for creating collections from ‘Map Module’ pins.



This version of Lightroom Classic also adds a library filter for unedited and edited images, and enables users to create smart collections with unedited or edited images.

Learn more about the new features over on the Adobe blog.

Create collection from a photo pin found on the map.

A new ‘Has Edits’ rule in the ‘Develop’ category

Folders marked as favorite in the ‘Folders’ panel

New ‘Metadata’ category in the ‘Library Filter’ bar

[via PetaPixel, opening image via Adobe]
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