Apple’s Employees Are Reportedly Smacking Into Apple Park’s Glass Walls

By Izza Sofia, 22 Feb 2018

Image via Valeriya Zankovych /

It turns out that when a company loves glass buildings, its employees are left injured as they are too distracted by their addictive smartphones to notice the infrastructure.

Bloomberg reports that some employees, preoccupied with their iPhones, have smacked themselves into the clear glass walls of the pods in the Apple Park.

Some employees resorted to pasting Post-It notes on the walls as a warning. However, these had to be removed because they depreciated the building’s aesthetics.

A report from MarketWatch details Apple employees seeking medical help after accidentally walking into its glass walls. They were treated for minor cuts to the head.



Apple Park features the biggest curved panes of glass and has been called an “architectural marvel.”

Although Apple Park has received rave reviews from architects and Apple fans, not all employees are enamoured by their new workspaces.

Last year, John Gruber said that when Johny Srouji, the head of Apple’s silicon design team, “was shown the floor plans, he was more or less just ‘f*ck that, f*ck you, f*ck this, this is bullsh*t.’”

Previously, Apple has gotten into trouble for its glass doors as well. In 2012, an 83-year-old woman sued the company after walking into a glass door of an Apple Store.

[via Fortune, opening image via Image via Valeriya Zankovych /]
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