Snapchat Responds To Petition With 1.2 Million Signatures Against Its Redesign

By Yoon Sann Wong, 23 Feb 2018

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Earlier this month, a petition against Snapchat’s latest major redesign was launched by Australian user Nic Rumsey on At the time, the motion—titled ‘Remove the new Snapchat Update’—had drawn over 643,000 irked individuals who felt put off by the user-unfriendly revamp.

Together with celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen and Kylie Jenner, many Snapchat users voiced their mounting frustrations experienced whilst using the app, and it seems that these sentiments have spread not only through online gripes, but also on the petition page. At time of writing, the number of signatures stands at 1,233,222.

On 20 February, Snapchat issued an official statement with regards to the issue. While it did reiterate its stance supporting the update, the brand took to highlighting several adjustments that would be made in aims of addressing users’ concerns.

For one, it would be introducing tabs inside ‘Friends’ and ‘Discover’ so that users can find the ‘Stories’ they want more easily.

Snapchat’s full response reads:



“FEB 20, 2018 — To Nic and all of the Snapchatters who signed this petition,”

“We hear you, and appreciate that you took the time to let us know how you feel. We completely understand the new Snapchat has felt uncomfortable for many.”

“By putting everything from your friends in one place, our goal was to make it easier to connect with the people you care about most. The new Friends page will adapt to you and get smarter over time, reflecting who you’re most likely to be Snapping with at that moment. This same personalization is also true of the new Discover, which will adapt to you the more that you use it.”

“Beginning soon on iOS, and with Android in the coming weeks, we are introducing tabs in Friends and Discover, which will make it easier to find the Stories that you want, when you want them. Once you receive the update, you’ll be able to sort things like Stories, Group Chats, and Subscriptions, allowing you to further customize your own experience on the app.”

“This new foundation is just the beginning, and we will always listen closely to find new ways to make the service better for everyone. We are grateful for your enthusiasm and creativity. We are very excited for what’s ahead.”

“Love, Team Snapchat”

[via Tech Crunch, image via Ink Drop /]
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