Samsung Shows You How Its New Galaxy S9 Beats iPhone X At Its Own Game

By Mikelle Leow, 26 Feb 2018

Video screenshot via JBey4you

The Galaxy S9 was officially announced at the ‘Samsung Unpacked’ event on Sunday. Despite resembling the S8’s design, the new flagship phone is packed with remarkable features alike the iPhone X—and even Samsung admits it.

The South Korean giant is known to leverage on its rivalry with Apple for its promotional campaigns. At the Galaxy Note 8 launch last year, it blatantly screened a side-by-side comparison between the phone and the iPhone 7 Plus. Amid iPhone’s battery-throttling controversy, Samsung stepped forward to confirm that it doesn’t slow down phones.

Of course, the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S9 would come with its own share of disses that might have fans reaching out for a bag of popcorn.

Speaking at the ‘Samsung Unpacked’ event this year, Marketing Vice President Justin Denison addressed the device’s “infinity” display, which he said set a new industry standard when the brand introduced it in the S8 series.



“With the S9… [W]e’ve created a design so sleek and unified, you can hardly tell where the screen ends. And as always, you know, there’s no notch.”

When referring to the fingerprint reader—which has relocated to the back of the phone—Denison took a slight jab at Samsung’s direct competitor again, expressing his confusion over Apple’s attempt to fix something that wasn’t broken when it replaced Touch ID with Face ID.

“We all know [the fingerprint scanner] is one of the most popular ways we like to unlock our phone—which is why we didn’t get rid of it. Instead, we listen carefully to your feedback.”

You can watch the part where Denison furtively pits Samsung Galaxy S9 against the iPhone in the video below.

Video via JBey4you

[via JBey4you]
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