iPhone X’s Ad Might Have Predicted Apple Staffs’ ‘Walking Into Glass’ Dilemma

By Mikelle Leow, 05 Mar 2018

Video screenshot via Apple

Apple’s new campus had a design problem when it opened late last year: its occupants kept walking right into its glass walls.

The problem, as it turns out, wasn’t as unpredictable as it might have appeared to be. In fact, an official video by the company proves that the future can be as clear as Apple Park’s glass.

Redditors of the ‘/r/apple’ thread have recently learned that Apple might have predicted the strange walking-into-glass phenomenon.

Around the seven-second mark in the iPhone X launch video, a man is seen bumping his head on the fourth wall. The text displayed reads, “The most durable glass.”



It’s evident that Apple has great foresight, but who would have thought the tech giant would be astute at reading fortunes too?

Video screenshot by Apple via GIPHY

[via /r/apple, video and screenshots via Apple]
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