Oscars’ New Envelopes Get Typographic Overhaul To Avoid 2017’s Design Flop

By Mikelle Leow, 06 Mar 2018

Video screenshot via Oscars

The winners of last year’s Academy Awards arguably weren’t the most memorable part of the event. Amusingly, it was a typographic flaw, which resulted in the ‘Best Picture’ contender being mistakenly announced. The error was acknowledged only when the wrong recipient was in the midst of his speech.

To evade 2017’s mix-up, the envelopes containing winners’ names underwent a significant redesign for this year’s Oscars.

Internet users were quick to point out that a dark envelope with a supersized, bolder gold font had replaced the previous red version with tiny gold lettering. The categories were also printed in capital letters to avoid another “oops” moment.

The typographic change was as beneficial to announcers as it was to viewers. The New York Times noted that the enlarged type made it easier for those watching the program at home to spot a mistake.

“Anyone else appreciate how they changed the design of the Oscars envelopes to make it ridiculously clear what the envelope’s category was?” wrote Twitter user Madeline A.D. Brewer. “[It’s] a design flaw they probably should have fixed ages ago.”

Lesley Abravanel, an entertainment columnist at Miami Herald, tweeted, “[E]ven Elon Musk’s ‘Spaceman’ can read the names of the winners.”

The revamp has proven that typography makes all the difference. Check out some responses below.



[via Twitter Moments, cover image via Oscars]
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