Google Offers Free AI ‘Crash Course’ To School You Before Bots Take Over

By Mikelle Leow, 06 Mar 2018

Image via Google AI

AI will inevitably be a part of the future, so it’s better to stay prepared and have at least a gist of what’s coming your way. For creatives, it means figuring out how it can aid you in your work.

Before the great AI colonization happens, Google has released a free machine learning “crash course” you can enroll in during your free time.

For a complementary course, its content is pretty comprehensive. The entire syllabus takes roughly 15 hours to cover, and comes complete with lectures from Google researchers, real-world case studies, and hands-on practices.



Thus far, 18,000 Googlers have signed up for the module. Watch the introductory video below and get started here.

Video via Google Open Online Education

Screenshot via Machine Learning Crash Course

[via Open Culture, video via Google Open Online Education, images via Machine Learning Crash Course]
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