Samsung’s Near-Invisible Televisions ‘Blend’ In The Backdrop Of Your Home

By Mikelle Leow, 08 Mar 2018

Image by Samsung via Business Wire

Living a clutter-free life has become more like a need than a want, and Samsung’s latest home products don’t disappoint in that aspect.

With how much focus people bestow on their handheld gadgets these days, even a clunky, supersized device mounted in their walls might be deemed disorderly. Samsung hopes to make television-viewing an enjoyable experience again with its seemingly see-through 2018 4K QLED sets that optically blend into their surroundings.

The five models, which come in varied sizes, are built with an ‘Ambient Mode’ that will make your screen look like a sleek, floating border on your wall—whether it’s made of brick, wood, or paint.

To create this illusion, you first need to snap a picture of the area of which you intend to install your television in. When it’s mounted, you can set the photo as your device’s wallpaper.



‘Ambient Mode’ also comes with a timer, so it will switch off after a designated period to ensure your electricity bill doesn’t end up blowing your mind as much as the products’ technology.

According to Quartz, who was present at the televisions’ unveiling, they appeared almost “indistinguishable” against their backdrops unless you got up close.

Prices have not been announced, but with these devices being marketed as high-end, Quartz suspects that you can expect to fork out “up to US$20,000” for them.

Image via Samsung Newsroom

Image via Samsung

[via Quartz, images via various sources]
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