The Met Museum Releases 400k Free High-Res Images For Personal & Commercial Use

By Mikelle Leow, 13 Mar 2018

Image via The Met

It’s not every day you can swipe a freebie from one of the world’s leading museums. On the Metropolitan Museum of Art website, however, you might be able to take whatever you want.

In the past year, The Met has been working on a project to release a horde of digitized artworks for free. Today, it has stocked up over 400,000 resources that might serve as inspiration for the creatively jaded.

The ‘Open Access collection invites designers, artists, and even the general public, to use high-res images of the museum’s pieces however they wish—whether to share, copy, or remix them.

Tagged under the ‘Creative Commons Zero’ (CC0) license, the pictures are free-to-download for personal and business projects and do not require prior permission.

Thus far, users have been pretty imaginative with the lot. Software developer Simone Seagle, for example, has programmed classic paintings to create interactive animated works.

View some captivating resources and see the 400,000-strong collection here.



‘Mäda Primavesi’ by Gustav Klimt, Vienna. Image via The Met

‘Notre Dame, Paris’ by Samuel Halpert, United States. Image via The Met

‘Composition’ by Piet Mondrian, the Netherlands. Image via The Met

‘A Woman and a Cat’ by Kitagawa Utamaro, Japan. Image via The Met

‘Dish of Iced Summer Fruit’ by Ding Fuzhi, China. Image via The Met

‘Stage Design for Cleopatra’ by Robert Delaunay, France. Image via The Met

[via Quartzy, images via The Met]
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