KFC Starts Crowdfunding Campaigns To Bring Its Craziest Marketing Ideas To Life

By Yoon Sann Wong, 06 Mar 2019

KFC wants to bring some of its wackiest marketing ideas to life with help from the masses through Indiegogo.

On the crowdfunding platform, KFC initiated five campaigns under its newly-formed KFC Innovations Lab: ‘Picnic with the Colonel’; ‘Smart Cane Remote’; ‘Little Colonel Locator’; ‘Kentucky Fried Hot Tub’; ‘Colonel on Ice Ice-Skating Show’.

Picnic with the Colonelis a flat-pack picnic table design “made out of durable and structurally sound cardboard” that includes a cardboard ‘Colonel’ to hold your bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Smart Cane Remotelets you change the television channel with each shake of the cane. It’s made of an “integrated gyroscope and battery-powered microcontroller” that includes a ‘Colonel’-head decorative handle and rubber foot for safety.

Little Colonel Locatorfuses location-tracking technology and fashion into one handy-dandy necktie. Made in ‘Colonel’-approved style, this Bluetooth-embedded accessory tracks its wearer’s location, workable within 100 feet from your smartphone.

Kentucky Fried Hot Tubreplaces the brand’s chicken with a soothing bathe offered inside a giant KFC bucket replica. The tub boasts wood-fired thermosiphoning heating technology that can warm up to five people.

Colonel on Ice Ice-Skating Showwill bring to life the actual story of KFC’s founder Colonel Sanders but told through an ice-skating performance, to be held somewhere in America. It will feature professional ice skaters “dressed like people from the Colonel’s life and delicious KFC fried chicken” while a narrator explains what is happening.



Check out each campaign on Indiegogo through their respective links above.

[via KFC Innovations Lab, video via KFC]
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