Sears’ New Logo Design Tempts Customers To Book Their Next Homestay Experience

By Mikelle Leow, 09 May 2019

Images via Sears and Airbnb

Sears has just rebranded with a new logo, but customers think it’s a little too close to home(stay) company Airbnb’s branding.

In an attempt to pull itself up from bankruptcy, which it filed for in October 2018, the department store chain has unveiled a new house-shaped emblem and the tagline, “Making moments matter.”

The symbol now appears on the right of Sears’ wordmark, and is displayed as a standalone on the store’s social media profile pictures..

While some shoppers have commended the new logomark on its simplicity and elegance, others cannot help but be reminded of Airbnb, which sports a similar icon.

“Isn’t this Airbnb?” a Facebook user comments. “The last thing you need is a lawsuit!” Another chimes in, “Airbnb called—said they want their logo back.”

Sears has since explained the logo’s meaning on its Facebook page, describing that the symbol represents “both home and heart,” and illustrates “motion through an infinity loops” as well as a person wrapping their arms around “home and life.” Its rings mirror those of a tree trunk, and denote longevity.

“With home and heart at the center, the rings radiate and grow to encompass our broad assortment of products and services,” the company adds.

In contrast, Airbnb’s ‘Bélo’ logo intertwines shapes of a person stretching his or her arms upwards (representing people), the location icon (places), a heart (love), and the letter ‘A’ (for Airbnb). It’s worth noting that its features relating to “people” and “love” somewhat echo Sears’ design ethos.

As with Airbnb’s icon, the Sears symbol has also been likened to genitalia on social media.

All this being said, it’s now nearly impossible to own a wholly unique logo. Airbnb itself has been ridiculed for mirroring branding from 1975. In addition, its typeface has been likened to the one adopted by adidas.

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Images via Sears and Airbnb

Screenshot via Sears

[via Business Insider, images via various sources]
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