Designer’s Contoured Clothing Is Created Specially To Accentuate Fat Rolls

By Mikelle Leow, 03 Jul 2019

Image by Karoline Vitto and featured with permission

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was depicted by the ancient Greeks to have body rolls. In contrast, women today are expected to hide or get rid of these traditionally feminine features.

Celebrating these natural folds again is Brazilian fashion design Karoline Vitto Gomes, whose final collection of body roll-accentuating pieces was presented at the Royal College of Art’s All At Once graduate show last month.

Whereas clothing is often designed to conceal the unique bulges and creases of female bodies, Gomes defies conventions with creations that spotlight underarm, breast, tummy, and back fat.

When worn, the silhouettes cast alluring vignettes that look different on every body.

At the show, the designer modeled her own clothing, walking slowly and pausing at intervals so that the cutouts hugging her flesh would shift about tastefully.

The designer tells Dazed Digital that her relationship with her body turned for the better after she moved to London to study fashion at Central Saint Martins. Where she grew up, people are faced with “very strict beauty standards,” and hitting the gym or even undergoing plastic surgery are considered mainstream.

The striking pieces that go against such norms are part of her journey to self-loving, she adds.

Gomes reminds that beauty standards are often evolving. In time, people might begin to appreciate the contours of their body rolls and choose to show them off just like how people currently draw attention to low necklines and cleavages. “And I’ll be ready for it!” she jokes.

Have a closer look at the designer’s outstanding reimaginations of fashion, and check out her website and Instagram to find out more.



[via Dazed Digital, images by Karoline Vitto and featured with permission]
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