How Louis Vuitton’s $1K Colored Pencils Fare Against $1 Crayolas, Faber-Castells

By Mikelle Leow, 23 Aug 2019

Image via Louis Vuitton

For anyone hoping to launch a career in art, shelling out a four-digit sum for a set of colored pencils seems far-fetched. That’s considering the possibility of clients requesting to pay for work with exposure bucks, on top of education expenses.

Louis Vuitton’s series of about 40 pencils costs about US$1,000, making it one of the most expensive in the world. But is it worth the money? Thankfully, someone else has reviewed the set so you don’t have to.

Artist SuperRaeDrizzle, who borrowed a set from her friend Zach, decided to test the colored pencils to see if they’re anything to write home about, later pitting against Crayola’s pencils—priced at about US$1 each—and Faber-Castell’s US$20-plus ‘Polychromos’ set.

The pencils underwent a series of tests. The artist was surprised to learn that Louis Vuitton’s version produced a similar texture to Faber-Castell’s, but paled a little in comparison as the luxury colored pencils weren’t as smooth and pigmented.

Faber-Castell once again came out tops in a blending test, as its pencils had more vibrancy than those of Crayola and Louis Vuitton. Remarkably, LV’s pencils were a close match in blendability as Crayola’s US$1 pencils.



“You know it’s bad whenever the US$1 colored pencil can be a dupe for the US$1,000 colored pencils,” Rae commented.

The YouTuber also noted that Faber-Castell’s black pencil produced a “drastically darker” shade than Louis Vuitton’s version, which appeared gray in comparison.

So, there you have it. If you actually get Louis Vuitton’s colored pencils, it seems that you’ll mostly be paying for the foldable leather pouch and the LV branding, which is also carved onto each pencil. If you’re not fussy about color payoff, they’ll do, but true art lovers might pour the colored pencils out of the pouch and replace them with Faber-Castells.

[via SuperRaeDrizzle, cover image via Louis Vuitton]
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