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Keep trying the possibilities till it feels right

TAXI Hi Marek, thanks for taking a ride with TAXI. We love your illustrations for Mad Atoms, Computer Arts and other  publications. How do you come up with your ideas and how do you work on developing them?

Marek Haiduk I trust in the random process of the collage itself. I've got a huge pile of old newspapers and photos, and with a certain image in my mind I go through them on and on till I find the right piece. doing that, is the most easy way to come up with a new idea.

TAXI How different is your thought process when doing personal illustrations as compared commercial works?

Marek Haiduk When doing personal illustrations, the problem with satisfying the art director plus facing the deadline is gone. Besides this I rarely work on a given topic so it makes the process totally free. The drawback of personal works is the fact that I spend lots of time on them. It happens that I can't stop working on a piece so it remains unfinished for a long period of time. That's the thing with digital works - nothing is really final like working with acrylics and paper only.

TAXI Your digital collages are breathtaking and have a whimsical and powerful element. How do you make that happen from a blank piece of canvas?

Marek Haiduk By playing. I try many combinations of different colours and motives, until I find the perfect one. I can't really describe it, cause it needs to "feel right".TAXI Name your favorite clients and please share with us why you enjoyed working with them.

Marek Haiduk So far I enjoyed the work with all my clients, to be honest.

TAXI Who are your inspirations?

Marek Haiduk It could be just a photograph in an old magazine - and of course the work of other illustrators and designers, especially the constructivism movement of the 20's influenced me a lot.

TAXI You are both an illustrator and designer. What would you say to people who think designers can't illustrate?

Marek Haiduk Well, look at the Dude (Jeff Bridges). He's a brilliant actor and singer. Why shouldn't that work for designers too? (I am not comparing myself to the Dudeness, mind you.) No, seriously, i guess the only problem being a designer makes you think more graphical which could be a good or a bad thing, depending on your client.TAXI What gets your goat when it comes to managing your clients?

Marek Haiduk Can't really say. I've been lucky with the clients I got, I guess. Maybe the lack of interest in trying something new, and pushing their own ideas through.

TAXI Please share with us an image of your workspace.

TAXI Before we end, tell us, where would you like a TAXI to take you now?

Marek Haiduk To the Beach of Tel Aviv, please.

Creative Jobs View all Post jobs
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