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Letting The Style Flow Freely

TAXI Hello Luca, thanks for getting onboard TAXI! I heard you've been taking up some new adventures. What have you been busy with?

Luca Laurenti I recently completed a few projects of various natures, which include a collaboration with a design’s brand, some logos, illustrations for t-shirts. And I'm starting to work on some sketches to be proposed to a publisher of comics. In short, besides trying to live my life peacefully, I am also putting together a personal project called “Condensed”, which is a sort of magazine that will be a collaborative effort in a particular way with many photographers.

TAXI You're based in Rome now. What is the design and illustration scene there like? Any artists that you admire or like?

Luca Laurenti There isn’t something I like in particular, maybe I have a penchant for portraits, although I always prefer new challenges. As for my favorite artists, the list is endless…for me an artist is someone who always expresses himself in different ways, trying new ways to present their ideas. The first names that come to mind are: Mike Mills, Peter Saville, Milton Glaser, Geoff McFetridge, Stefan Sagmeister, Deanne Cheuk, Ezra Petronio and Marc Atlan.

TAXI Could you share with us your creative process?

Luca Laurenti Sometimes my creative process is uncontrollable. The ideas go constantly inside my head, and often arrive in unexpected moments. Once I find the idea, I try to adapt a style that can present it and from that moment, I begin the search for a style that’s more graphical or more realistic. We spend a lot of time thinking, and often there isn’t much time to complete the drawing or the final project. In any case, our personality changes and so do our styles. It would be stupid to remain always faithful to a fixed style.

TAXI Your portfolio ranges from editorial to fashion works. Is there a particular genre that you enjoy doing?Luca Laurenti There are many things I want to achieve as I have different types of interests. Although at this time, I would want to accomplish two things: the children's book that I have in my drawer for almost three years, waiting for the right publisher, and a collaboration with TAXI (perhaps for a publishing project).

TAXI What is/are your proudest moments in your career?

I can’t define a particular moment, as I still can’t define my career. As for pride, it's always a pleasure when a new client contacts me.

TAXI What inspires you to keep your work fresh?

Luca Laurenti The real source of inspiration is and always will be everything that surrounds me, what stimulates my creativity and at the same time reflects part of my values. The works and lifestyles of other people are all examples for me, and sometimes help me to analyze how they resolved some situations.

TAXI Have you ever been struck by "designer's block" before? What would you do to "unblock"?

Luca Laurenti It is easy to exit from “the designer block”. 1) Take long breaths 2) Stay calm 3) Make love with your girlfriend, or try to satisfy your lust with a bar of dark chocolate ... but it’s preferable to call your girlfriend.

TAXI Apart from illustration, what other interests do you have?

Luca Laurenti That would surely be the art direction, in both publishing and fashion projects. But I would like to become a chef…so I would have another way to win over the girls.TAXI What kinds of projects would you want to take on next?

Luca Laurenti Basically, as an art director, graphic designer or an illustrator, I think it’s important to not be afraid, because whatever the type of project you encounter, each has a different way to tackle it. I don’t impose limits and would prefer to make a lot of different projects, such as customizing a shoe, be the art director of a magazine, create a line of clothing or the graphic design of a football t-shirt.

TAXI Your works seem to have a whimsical, larger-than-life quality. What would be your dream project?

Luca Laurenti Now there are three things I want to achieve: a collaboration with Mike Mills to film Stefan Sagmeister and Deanne Cheuk at work.

TAXI Please share with us an image of your workspace.

TAXI Before we end, tell us, where would you like a TAXI to take you now?

Luca Laurenti Take me to the house of Olivia Munn!

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