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Cusp Conference

Cusp Conference 2008
10 - 11 September 2008

Photos courtesy of Cusp Conference

2 days and 17 presentations culminate into an experience known as the Cusp Conference. A conference known for its vision and passion, imagination, energy and innovation, it seeks to allow a freefall of ideas shared between speakers and audience.

Notable speakers include Bryan Anderson, Dana Arnett, Carl Hodges, Adam Kalkin, Brian Murphy, Quinn Norton and Lyle Owerko.

Keep up and watch out for the 2009 conference here.


TAXI Design Network is honored to have been in Chicago on 10 - 11 September 2008 to partake in this exclusive event hosted by Cusp Conference.

TAXI Design Network is proud to present Direct Access: Snapshots, a series of photographic vignettes of the most prestigious creative industry events worldwide. Snapshots captures all the highlights of each event in a visually dramatic manner, and presents it to our readers in condensed, easy-to-view format.

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