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Keeping It Clean and Simple

We Are Floating in (Cyber) Space
These days, there’s really no reason to stay in. With all the iPhones, Androids and Blackberries out there, we’ve the world literally at our fingertips, wherever we go.

It doesn’t matter where we’re at or what we’re doing, taking the bus or striding down the street; we can cross continents with just a flick of a finger or click of a button. The mobile revolution, it seems, is over. And ‘on-the-go’ is the new king of the Internet hill.

Of course, the web experience itself is changed forever with 3G devices and mobile surfing all around us. Everything we love about the Internet - its information, news, updates - fits right in our pockets, and it doesn’t take a lot to see how much this has affected us.

Just one look around a public space and chances are, we’d see people milling around with eyes glued to 3” screens. It’s comical, almost; but the fact remains that everyone is constantly on the web, no matter where they actually are.

And all this activity has websites abuzz with how they can better serve this mobile crowd. For TAXI, it meant a whole new market to promote your portfolios.

Going Mobile
With our strong readership, it only made sense to have our readers and members have access to portfolios wherever they might be. And now they can, on TAXI’s mobile site.

Jump on our website on a mobile device and you’d automatically be taken to the mobile version, a streamlined and scaled-down way to view portfolios. The mobile site’s uncluttered view let’s the art and design work take centre stage; you can now bring your portfolio around with you in the palm of your hand.

It’s all arranged by the artist-run galleries as well, so viewers can just select a gallery they’d like to browse through instead of loading everything up on their phones.

And if that doesn’t make it easy enough, we’ve actually shortened the URLs of the portfolios. Doing away with the ‘portfolio’ extension and having just your User IDs in the address bar makes things a lot simpler. For instance, portfolios can now be viewed in this format ‘http://designtaxi.com/username’ or 'http://thecreativefinder.com/username'. Two web addresses, twice the exposure.The mobile phenomenon calls for these direct, efficient measures that we’re happy to have implemented. So if you’re ever caught in a rush without your portfolio to show, just whip out your phone and head on to TAXI’s mobile site. With the ease in browsing portfolios, it’s also a great way to be creatively inspired on-the-move.

Image of the Day
To better display our members’ work on TAXI, we’ve set up a new “Image of the Day” section. Each day, we’ll pick one work that we feel is especially inspiring and put it up on our homepage, with the link to the corresponding artist’s portfolio attached.

Click on the image and you’ll be taken to a new window with the art in its full-sized glory; and because we’re a Global Creative Network, we’ve set up a comments box so anyone can give their opinions on the work.

Convenient Design
At TAXI, we like things simple. And to make uploading your work as simple as it should be, we’ve set up a batch upload system. Now, you can upload multiple pieces simultaneously instead of manually slogging it one at a time. So you can expect lots more creative output from our members up on our site with this fast new way of displaying your work.

And just so everything’s a bit clearer, we’ve refined our FAQ section to include the more common questions we’ve been asked by our members. As we get more questions, we’ll be posting the more popular queries up on the FAQ to keep our members in-the-loop.

We’ve taken what you have to say about the creative disciplines listed on TAXI, and we’ve added more to cater to all creative walks of life: typographers, writers, and industrial designers are just some of the occupations included in the list.

So keep your emails coming in, give us your comments, and maybe suggest a change or two you’d like to see on TAXI. We’ll be listening.

To sign up for your TAXI + The Creative Finder portfolio account, please click here
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