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Full Frontal Beauty

Beauty, in this digital age, is only homepage deep. See the enhancements we’ve made to TAXI + The Creative Finder portfolios that go beyond the cosmetic.

Beauty, in this digital age, is only homepage deep. The finesse of a web design, the URL of a website, even someone’s profile picture on Facebook-- it’s surface elements like these that make up most of our online experience.

Be it in the graphics, the layout, or a snazzy name, designing for the web stresses the unique factor. After all, browsers look pretty much the same, and we’re all viewing web pages on flat screens in front of us, anyway.

But all that glitters isn’t usually gold; for all the shiny and sparkly front-end design, navigation and ease of use mustn’t be left in the lurch. Interfaces have to be intuitive, painless and, above all, visually appealing.

And we’ve made some changes at TAXI and The Creative Finder that reflect these principles, to enhance our members’ portfolios.

Domain Mapping

A few weeks ago, we introduced the shorter URLs for portfolios. This week, we’re taking it a step further; members can now map custom domains over to their TAXI portfolios.

Having custom domains allow members to host their portfolios with any URL they want - provided it’s still available - making TAXI portfolios that much more accessible.The steps are simple:

1. Register for a domain name using GoDaddy, Register, or any other registrar. This service typically costs US$10-40 a year.

2. In the registrar’s settings, point your domain’s A-Record (IP Address) to

3. Login to your account and head over to the “Edit Portfolio” section.

4. Under the “Custom Domain” bar, fill in your registered domain name.

And that should be it! If everything is set correctly, visiting your dot-com will now display your portfolio in its full glory. What's even more amazing is that when someone find your listing on The Creative Finder, and click on your portfolio, they will be directed to your own dot-com, instead of the resident designtaxi.com URL!

On another note, we’ve allowed hyperlinks to be used in the description portion of portfolios, so members can start linking their personal or project websites to their TAXI portfolio.

The Creative Finder’s Refresh
Head on over to The Creative Finder and you’ll notice we’ve refreshed its design and layout. We’ve taken away the homepage entirely; the site now dives right into the work of our members, neatly divided in a strong grid.

On any website, image is king; and for a portfolio showcase one like ours, this can’t be any more true. So we’ve let our members’ work take centre-stage and arranged them in a comp card style. Besides the first thumbnail, visitors can scroll through members’ galleries right on the same page, without having to jump to another one.

The Creative Finder homepage will now have featured artists on display each month, so put up your best image to show to the world. First impressions are everything.

We’ve also installed a “Favourite” function for business users to bookmark any artist that catches their eyes, so keeping tabs is now as easy as a mouse click.

So those are the latest updates to TAXI + The Creative Finder. We hope they make things a little less complicated, a little more refined, and a lot more better looking. Keep your comments coming in, and we’ll see what other changes we can implement.

Check out the newly-redesigned The Creative Finder at http://www.thecreativefinder.com

Creative Jobs View all Post jobs
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