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FITC Toronto 2011

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the 10th Anniversary of Flash In The Can (FITC) in Toronto, held at one of Toronto’s premiere venues, The Guvernment. There was a charming 1950s theme carried throughout the venue with cotton candy, bow ties, popcorn and the appropriate decorations. Safe to say, it was a real experience being there during business hours!

FITC is one of the largest and longest running event of its kind. It brings together a wide range of digital enthusiasts from around the globe. Attendees include Flash designers and developers, motion graphic artists, digital artists and anyone with an interest in Flash and/or digital media.

The schedule for FITC Toronto was jam-packed with over 70 presentation in three days. At any given time there were four presentation happening in different rooms with another session in a lounge upstairs. It was really cool to see the dance club-cum-rave space transformed to conference mode!

Day One included Adobe's keynote hosted by David Wadhwani, lead of Adobe's development team. He discussed Adobe's future, tools and technologies. Other discussions that day included Video Tapestry, Marketing Your Skillz and HTML Animation.

Day Two had two main highlights for me: Gmunk talking about the graphics he designed for Disney’s Tron: Legacy and The Most Awesomest Talk Ever by Jamie Kosoy.

Some other highlights from FITC 2011 included learning about patterns in Audio Physics and changes in the world of mobile app development. I enjoyed the Exploring Kinect demonstration which despite being highly technical, I learnt a little about the back-end of the gaming industry, like how x-y coordinates and multiplayer really works.

During the keynote sessions, I went behind-the-scenes to speak to several speakers. When asked which companies were doing well in design, Gmunk and McBess highlighted Audi and Dyson, in particular.

I also managed to speak to Seb Lee-Delise and Veronique Brossier on the ‘next big thing’ in design. While Lee-Delise maintained “there is no next big thing”, Brossier believes multitouch and analog relationships strengthened by online social media has a bright future ahead. As a blogger and avid tweeter who loves the iPad, I have to agree with Veronique!

In addition to the talks, there was no shortage of contests, digital games and creativity all-round. FITC succeeded in leaving me feeling educated, challenged and inspired.
This event was attended by TAXI Editorial Correspondent.

Casie Stewart is a Canadian lifestyle blogger with a love for life, technology and fashion. She’s an official Puma Social Club athlete, VirginAmerica’s Provocateur and national spokesperson @armyourself_gsk. Casie is the former social media girl for MuchMusic, MTVCanada, co-founder of #GenYTO. She’s named one of Toronto's most influential by Klout, one of Canada's most well known online personalities by The Women's Post, and been seen in The Wall Street Journal.
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