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White-Collar Worker by Day, Lomographer by Night

Lomography user gocchin—who is more commonly-known as Yoshitaka Goto—has been a Lomographer for four years.

[Above] Winning image for the Lomography X DesignTAXI: Find + Shoot a Taxi! rumble

The 38-year-old Japan-based office worker’s interest on analog cameras started when he walked into a shop, and was advised and taught, by the shop’s staff, the fun of film cameras. And ever since then, he has stuck to analog photography, as he personally believes photography by digital camera is “data” and not “works”.

“[To me], ‘works’ is a collaboration between human beings, cameras and films—like a ‘chemical reaction’,” Goto says. “And [to produce ‘works’ as an end product, chemical reactions need to happen]. I think photography by analog camera is a chemical reaction. In fact, film developing is a chemical reaction.”

Another reason why he loves analog is the anticipation of the ‘chemical reactions’.

“I love the waiting while [my] film is being developed, and the moment when I get them,” he enthused.

Thus far in his four years of Lomography adventures, Goto won four competitions. The Lomography X DesignTAXI Rumble being his fourth.

For the Rumble’s challenge, participants were asked to portray the theme “travel” by shooting any kind of transportation imaginable: trains, planes, buses, cars, etc. As a man consumed by wanderlust and joy for shooting, the theme was Goto’s forte.

To get inspired, Goto journeys to other countries that are “different in culture, language, people” from his hometown Gifu, Japan—especially if they have old religious buildings, old towns, and people. Turkey, Cuba, Hong Kong, and India are just a few of his favorite destinations.

But sometimes, as a cheaper alternative to traveling, Goto often visits the Lomography website as his muse.

“I visit the website everyday, because... I can see amazing and crazy photography from all over the world. [It's] like traveling the world,” he says.

His winning photograph was taken in India, in the capital Kolkata. The multi-exposure shot consists of the congested streets of India—with Indian temples in the background, and taxis and people walking in the foreground.

Was the composition intentional?

“I wanted to describe Kolkata as [a] ‘chaotic city’, because this city has many people, cultures, religions—I believed I could take them [all] in one shot,” Goto tells TAXI.

“[But] sometimes, I just forget to roll up a film [and get multi-exposure shots],” he sheepishly admits.

Goto combined the use of his favorite Lomography LUBITEL166+ camera and Fuji Velvia 100 film to achieve the image. The finishing touch: the film was developed using positive processing.

As a victor, Goto gets: his winning photograph exhibited in the Lomography Gallery Store in Hong Kong; 100 piggies for the Lomography Online Shop; a US$200 voucher for The Bazaar; a supersize portfolio (worth US$149) on The Creative Finder; a showcase on DesignTAXI, and a La Sardina Deluxe Kit (worth US$249).

But with the festive season around the corner, Goto wouldn’t mind having a couple more cameras to toy around with, on top of the four La Sardina cameras he’d be receiving, and five he currently owns—namely the LomoKino and Lomography Spinner 360°. A true camera fanatic, a true Lomographer.
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