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5 Tips For Authentic Creative Expression

  • Life Experiences.
    Don’t be afraid to explore experiences from your life in your work. Keep record of day-to-day experiences, connections, conversations with others that ignite inspiration, ideas, etc. Sometimes our own life experiences give us valuable material for our creative work. Staying connected to those experiences that move you or trigger a deeper meaning or understanding is the genuine ingredients to authentic creative expression. Therefore, our work becomes a reflection of ourselves.

  • Transforming fear and self-doubt.
    Sometimes fear and self-doubt can hold us back from fully exploring our most innovative ideas and taking risks in our work. Developing the skills to work through fear and self-doubt transforms it into productive energy, which you can channel into your work. This opens up the space and provides the opportunity to access rich material for authentic creative expression.

  • Stay True to Your Vision.
    Don’t conform your work to what the world wants. Although it’s important to take in consideration your audience, it’s important that you are not allowing fear of not being accepted or embraced dictate what you’re creating. Be aware if you are conforming to what everyone else is doing. Are you taking the safe approach or solution to your work? Or are you allowing your unique style or voice to come through? Some of our most innovative creators did not become well known by conforming to what everyone else was doing, it was because they broke out of what was expected.

  • Continued Personal Growth.
    Most design or art programs in colleges don’t always provide you all the life and personal skills necessary to thrive and succeed in pursuing a creative career. Don’t under estimate how closely your creativity is tied to you personally. Make your own self-growth an essential part of your career path. Hire a coach or therapist to help you grow in areas that will keep you connected to your true self. The more self-aware, the more you understand your own process the more authentic you will be in your work.

  • Always check in with yourself.
    Check in with yourself periodically during a project or a piece can give you valuable information. Ask yourself the following questions: How am I feeling about how this piece is coming together? Does it align with who I am and what I’m trying to express? Sometimes we get lost in the process of producing we become disconnected from the original meaning and purpose that inspired us to create. Make sure you take the time to reconnect with your core inspiration.

Cover image and top image from Shutterstock.

This is a cross-post from The Art of Mind.

Lisa A Riley, MA, LMFT is a Creativity Coach and has spent more than nine years working with creative individuals such as artists, actors, designers, musicians, writers, and actors. She “helps to empower clients to take steps towards enhancing their creativity and move closer to becoming the artist they envisioned themselves to be”. See her multiple ‘Products for Your Creative Success’ on her site The Art of Mind.

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