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Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award 2006 Winner

The main highlight of Singapore Fashion Festival is the three years old Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Awards 2006 which took place in Zouk last night. Beaming with excitement and glittering streaks hanging from the wall, the place was packed with members of the press, socialites and celebrities. It is of no wonder that most of us caught MBAFA instead of Escada last night.

The award was heralded with a dance by devils clad in angelic white attire and interim before the announcement of winners were engaged by The dance, METAMORPHOSIS by ECNAD dancers who illuminated the stage with their theatrical experience. Despite the whole gala of great food, fabulous champagne and interesting entertainment, nothing beats watching the models parade in the ten finalists’ showcase of fashion design.

Frank Hu
Collection: “Scent-sitive”

Based on the nuances of scent, his design consists of traditional handiwork, beading and French knots. Designed for the ladies who dares to disregard the rule of fashion, “Scent-sitive” espouses feminine qualities.

Smisssorn Sutthisung
Collection: “Dark Feminine”

Piecing together the feeling of stained glass, Dark Feminie incorporates the colour black with the seams and lines to give a sense of gothic architecture on the body. Complete with black plastic roses and black baskets, this collection is dedicated to and for all women who love the colour black.

Aloysius Liew

The best way to a woman’s heart is not through her eyes but under her feet. Aloysius’ collection was through his observation of footwear and brings the aura of it to radiate into the garments we wear. Very pretty shoes indeed.

Yudhi Malyawan Adhimiharja
Collection: “Ssorjanosis”

Inspired by the traditional Javanese male attire called Sorjan and its fabric called Kain Lurik, Yudhi fuses the preppy-streetwear look, casual and formal designs using earth tone colours mixed with vibrant hues.

Scott Chu

His collection definitely looks comfortable but exceptionally colourful. Too bright for the sun, Scott’s collection is almost in patch-work style with a slash of oriental Empire-cut identity.

Lin Chin Hung
Collection: “Clothing Surface Decoration – A creation Based on Life.”

Intrerpreting the deep feelings about moving from a rural town to Taipei, his collection however do not spell suburban. Instead, the straight jackets and multi-fastening shoes and pants rather shout modernism and dominance.

Songwut Thongthou

The multiple layers of fabric in the collection were inspired by the multiple layer of the cardboard box and derived by combing patterns of the cardboard box. Although a little too cumbersome and dramatic for daily use, his collection is nonetheless interesting.

Tex Saverio
Collection: “Dualism”

Cross gender designs transferred from male to female models on the runway, the monochromic collection is, on the other hand, will look better on the ladies for the details are too feminine and soft.

Keisuke Sekino
Collection: “Cross section”

Inspired by the idea that hidden beauty can be exposed and highlighted, Keisuke Sekino uses different materials to accentuate this design philosophy. This Thai-Japanese heritage finalist is crowd's favourite.

Holger Lindner, General Manager Sales & Marketing Mercedes-Benz
car Group DaimlerChrysler South-East Asia, commented during the press conference held on 27th March 2006 that "All of them are winners." But based on the three criteria of Originality, Susceptibility and Commercialism, the judges decided that ruffles and frills dominated the catwalk.

Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Awards 2006 Winner: Syaiful Baharim, Malaysia
Inspired by Alice in Wonderland and its unique collections, Syaiful Baharim offers a polished classic style with an urban flavour. His innovative tailored cuts exude elements of couture whilst contrasting textures, classicism and luxury. His collection is very feminine and definitely elegant, focusing on tailored clean cuts with contrasting textures, classicism ans luxury.

Syaiful Baharim is also the Design Director at One of Malaysia's most successful home-grown designer labels, Rizalman Ibrahiim Couture Sdn Bhd. He also holds a Bachelor Degree(Homs) in Art and Design and is anticipating the international exposure.

Our grand winner of The Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Awards 2006, Syaiful Baharim, went home with US 10, 000 cash, the opportunity to showcase his winning collection at the Mercedes-Benz Australia Fashion Week in May 2006, design for Mercedes-Benz and attend the Japan Fashion Week. He will also be fully-sponsored internship with DaimlerChrysler Advanced Design in Yokohama Japan. Plus an MBAFA mentoring programme which calls for each of the judges of the regional final competition to share their expertise and experience in their professional arenas.

Our judges for Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Awards 2006 are:

Ashley Isham

London-based Singapore’s reputable fashion designer has his own dynamic label, Ashlay Isham and two multi-label boutique aQuaint in Covent Garden and ASHLEY’s off Bond Street.

Olivier Boulay

DaimlerChrysler’s Head of Design at the DaimlerChrysler Advanced Design Centre and is responsible for all Mercedes-Benz Design Strategic developments in Asia.

Chamnan Pakdeesuk

A veteran of the fashion industry in Thailans and the first Thai designer who has shown his collection abroad and gain international recognition. His ready-to-wear label FKY NOW has sub-brands: FLY NOW* CHAMNAN and FLY NOW THE LEATHER.

Svida Alisjahbana

Vice President of the Femina Group in Indonesia, the country’s leading publisher magazine distributor and publisher, established more than 30 years ago, specializing in women’s interest publications.

Sharon Khong

General Manager of Aryan (SEA) Private Limited and Gagan (Holdings) Pte Ltd. She is responsible for the management of ZARA, Massimo Dutti and Evita Peroni.

Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award
Nurturing the next generation of Asian designers
Mercedes-Benz believes unquestionably in excellence and quality when it comes to innovation and design. Little wonder that one of Mercedes-Benz’s passions for design and style, the world of fashion, has led to a concerted effort across the region to nurture new talents in this field.

TAXI Design Network supports and recognises the creative excellence of the talents featured within this highly-coveted regional fashion award by Mercedes-Benz. We would like to congratulate Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Awards 2006 winner, Syaiful Baharim, and wish him all the best in his future fashion endeavour.

© 2006 by TAXI Design Network. All rights reserved.
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