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On Air: MTV

MTV is a religion, Music is god and On Air is the biblical unveiling of the music television.

25 years through 46 channels and 37 websites, never was there another great music outlet ever known. Blasphemy bestowed the creative citizen who has and did not work for MTV before. Almost the entire scroll of
TAXI Design Network’s members has MTV in their clientele list such as
Neal Ashby, Brandon Steen, Critica ... MTV, then, now and future, is the one word which lift thy curse when conversation striketh between two creative slaves. Their pride beamed through their eyes and their skin beamed with boastful glow and radiant as they share their memories and experience of “working with MTV before.”

"I was impressed by the way MTV gave me such complete creative freedom once they commissioned the idea. If creativity is best defined as one person's truth, doing something for MTV is a good way to explore yours," preached writer and director, Leslie Ali, who did JESUS CAN'T SNEEZE for MTV UK.

Tis true for when On Air reached the office, twas almost an animal instinct to run our fingers in concentration and focus along the stitched fonts and embellishments, the sinful looking bloody red velvet cover. This holy grail is more than “The Visual Messages and Global Language of MTV” and definitely deeper than a landscape of 350 gram per page – albeit twas just expecting to see rainbows of colors, quirky characters and witty social messages but On Air revealed another calling.

On Air, those Holy Scriptures, is a source of inspiration. As page by page it peels the spirit of the making of the music television, the martyrdom of In The Making serves an inspiring pilgrimage to the world of all realm at MTV: MTV Asia, International, India, Latin America, Europe, Italy, US… Sermons from the men who create and inbuilt faith and loyalty in the people, generation after generation, and the artists who reveal the whole Concept, Making It and On Air. All 3 stages told to you in the wildest bewilderment, in the unflagging truth.

Printed by Graphicom Srl and published by Die Gestalten Verlag, DGV made it more interesting and enriching with an interview with Brent Hansen, the President of MTV Networks Europe and President of Creative and Editor in Chief and aspiring articles by professional authors and editors: Sophie Lovell, Mark Tungate, Matt Henson and Anne-Celine Jaegar on the birth of MTV and, its progress, influence and revolutionary success.

I would not recommend a read. I recommend a must-read. A realistic insight where you will find that music television is not all candy and roses. It would be ten-fold nicer if DGV has gotten the music license though so that we do not have to enjoy the mute solo graphics and look like some bunch of sugar-high dumbs.

In Sophie Lovell’s words, “MTV was born with a rebellious, out of the box attitude.”

The rebel has a new holistic cause.

Attitude is the definite resurrection of “Talk the Talk” and “Walk the Walk.”

Asking someone “Why are you creative?” is as good as asking “What makes you tick?”, “How do you do what you do?” or even “What are you?”
preached Sophie Jovell
who is a British writer and editor,
Germany editor for Wallpaper Mgazine,
Architecture and Design Editor for Qvest
and a Consultant for Winkcreative in London

“The process of making any film can be quite stressful and tiring. But if it’s not going to be fun, forget it.”
preached Kjetil Njoten
who did Engine and Folk Dance
for MTV Emerging Markets

“We should all be working hard towards the end goal and put our hearts, mind and souls into what we are doing.”
preached Elliot Chaffer
who did MTV Asia Awards 2004 Show Packaging
for MTV Asia

“To always reach as far as the time permits.”
preached Kunio Kato/Robot Communications Inc
who did Music Flower, MTV Art Breaks
for MTV International

“My mission is not to save lives or commit great heroic deeds, it is just a humble contribution to combat freedom and to generate a chemical change that will stimulate the mind and produce laughter, surprise, terror or all of the above at the same time.” (B. Perdiguera)
preached Barbara Perdiguera and Dario Adanti
who did Elvis Christ, Long Live the King
for MTV Latin America

“Keep things fresh and try something new every time.”
preached Ruchi Pande and Mayur Tekchandaney
who did Non Stop Hits
for MTV India

“My ideal work would be one that is both completely original and so obviously true as to seem snatched from a collective dream. Barring that, I would hope that at least my work would stir a sense of aesthetic sympathy.”
preached David Lobser
who did Edacra, Little Girl Mouth, MTV Art Breaks
for MTV International

“For me it is vital to create things that find a create things that find a consumer.”
preached Anton Sakara
who did Ru Zone
for MTV Russia

“To find what is not obvious and to avoid visual noise. My mission is to avoode clichés and to out light into darkness, just like the moon.” (T.Bliss)
preached Time Bliss, Frogstar, Stephan Schomerus
who did Schlingensief’s U3000
for MTV Central

“Solving communication problems within a given framework.” (F.Lazarri)
preached Fernando Lazzari, Melisssa Silverman, Oleg Troyanovsky
who did Coordinates Beauty
for MTV International

“Worn ideas give me a sinking feeling. So I avoid them, and voilà it’s créative!”
preached Mans Swanberg/Pistachios
who did This is our Music
for MTV Nordic

“More questions, less answers.”
preached Super2000
who did Instrument Break Series, MTV Art Breaks
for MTV International

“Always have fun; if you are not having fun, then its work.”
preached Trevor Lafargue
who did Mitos Urbanos, Nuevos Episodios
for MTV Latin America

“Having a pen, camera or mouse in our hands is as natural to us as a bird taking flight. Our mantra is; Freedom to Think, Create, and Design.”
preached Freestyle Collective
who did Inferno II: The Good Guys Vs. The Bad Asses, Tonya and Girlfight
for MTV US

“In a busy world, we tend to miss small precious moments which exist right next to us. I love to show those things to others through my creativity and vision.”
preached Fumi Inoue
who did Rain God
for MTV Asia

“I like to make things which haven't been made before. The goal is to make my audience feel something, react, laugh, worry, think.”
preached Leslie Ali
who did Jesus Can't Sneeze
for MTV UK

“Having a good time whilst liberating my ghosts.”
preached Jossie Malis
who did Memento Mori, MTV Art Breaks
for MTV International

© 2006 by TAXI Design Network. All rights reserved.
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