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Featured Artist Interview - Mattias Adolfsson

With works of illustrations and drawings that have a style that invokes appreciation for the cultures of Europe and “Euro-comic”, Mattias Adolfsson injects a distinctive flavour in each piece of his visual works.

Mattias intrigues with his quirky and whimsical drawings while setting up a visual reminder for how basic non-digital tools such as ink and watercolors have paved the path for most forms of modern illustrations today.

Currently residing with his wife and two children in Sigtuna outside of Stockholm, Sweden, Mattias has a Masters of Fine Arts in graphic design, and has been actively involved in the creative world since 1994; having also participated and won in a number of compeitions and shows.

And today, TAXI invites Mattias Adolfsson for a chat on the Front Seat.

TAXI>>Hi Mattias, hope all is well for you. How would you say your style of illustration reflects your personality?

Mattias>>Yes I say they do, I'm as whimsical and multi-layered as they are ;)

TAXI>>What's the earliest memory of your first drawing/sketch? And how has your illustration style evolved since?

Mattias>>I can't remember the first drawing I did but I can remember the first time I got real feedback for my drawings.

It was in 4th grade I did a cityscape (not much has changed since) my teacher thought it was very clever, and since then nothing much has changed in my style apart from a enhanchment of line quality.

TAXI>>What is your usual work process when taking on an illustration project?

Mattias>>I am usually quite slow in starting and I often need inspiration to get going. The inspiration often comes for real after I'm given the green light from the customer after showing the concepts.

TAXI>>What is your preferred working medium for illustration? And, why?

Mattias>>I'm very narrow in personal choices when it comes to medium. I practically do all my Illustrations with ink and watercolors, I used to work with digitalmedias (with 3d programs) and I was becoming fed up with digital.

TAXI>>While your style of illustration can be described as "euro-comic", any plans to venture into illustrating for action hero comics?

Mattias>>No I don't think I have the nack of that (it's a field were there is so much talent anyway), I was brought up with European traditions and I think I'm to old to re-learn.

TAXI>>Share with us one interesting fact about the industry of illustration that most people won't know of.

Mattias>>You mean a sordid secret along the lines of "it's not all parties and jetset living"? One interesting fact that I've found out that very few customers are in cronic shortage of money regardless where located.

TAXI>>Do you doodle and sketch with your two children, and at the same time share your creativity with them?

Mattias>>Unfortunately not anymore, we used to though. But as they grow older they've found their own favourites. My oldest child is heavily into manga.

TAXI>>So, what do you have planned for the coming months?

Mattias>>I'm currently working on a book for a Swedish publisher, and I might do another book with them when that is finished. Ultimately, I hope to get a grant so I can finish some of my own projects I've been working on.

TAXI>>Meanwhile, I'm sure everyone would love to see your current working space. How about showing it to us?


TAXI>>Nice chatting with you Mattias! Before we end, if you had a Taxi that could take you anywhere, where would you like to go at this very moment?

Mattias>>I'd love to go to theVictoria and Albert Museum and see their exhibiton on the Baroque.

More of Mattias Adolfsson's doodls, sketches and illustrations can be viewed here.

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